Sebastian is a three-year-old golden Labrador Retriever that my wife and I bought from a young woman living with two small children, her father, her brother and a second Labrador in a squalid top-floor flat. He was good natured and had been well looked after but had received almost no training so was a real handful. He would not walk to heel or come when called. He was not toilet trained so made a mess overnight. When he met other dogs, he would go crazy and was almost impossible to control. He jumped on visitors and ran out of our front door whenever he could.

Paul changed all that in just a few sessions. He taught Sebastian to walk to heel, then to run around on a training lead and finally to walk off the lead. Sebastian is still not perfect. There are times when he doesn’t come when called and times when he still runs after other dogs. But all the basics are now in place. Sebastian is fun to be with and a good companion. He’s completely toilet trained and (mostly!) does as he’s told.

My wife and I still have some work to do but we know that if we continue to follow Paul’s instructions Sebastian will be a happy and contented dog, who understands who’s boss. Paul has proved to us that you can teach an old dog new tricks and we’re very grateful for his help. We’d strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

Martin, Highgate