Puppy Pre-School Socialisation for Young Puppies

Aged 9-16 weeks – in vaccination stage only!

For puppies aged 9-16 weeks, this is a sensitive, critical time in their development. Socialisation and habituation are often overlooked, particularly as a puppy’s movements should be restricted by their owners until the full course of vaccinations has been completed.

Puppy Pre-School enables owners the chance to give their new puppy the very best start in life they can, helping them interact with other puppies in a controlled environment – laying down solid foundations for future training.

The training will be provided by Paul Essex of ‘Follow My Lead’ and will be held at:

Two by Two Veterinary Centre
178-180 Long Lane
Finchley N3 2RA

Wednesdays 7-8.30pm.


£20 Week 1
£15 Week 2
£10 Week 3
£5 Week 4

Please call Paul on 07831 562009
or email: paul@my-lead.co.uk